Annia Cabañas

Annia Cabañas, also known as Annia Ninja, started dancing in 2011, by training in studios such as Freestyle México and World Beat Studio, complementing her training in studios such as Debbie Reynolds (now Legacy Studios) and Movement Lifestyle in Los Angeles, California. She later joined the Mexican Dance Academy (INBA) and trains students in LaCantera.

In 2018, she began as a Voguing teacher, at studios such as The Jukebox, Crazy Hip Hop, LaCantera, Dance For Complex, and World Beat Studio, among others. She also gave courses in places such as Mérida, Guadalajara, Morelia, Leon, Quintana Roo, Vera Cruz, and Costa Rica.

Over time, as a teacher, she was presented with the opportunity to choreograph for some companies of The Jukebox and Showcases, for different events in Mexico City such as Fearless, an anniversary for Freestyle Mexico, and a fashion show for the Tanqueray Showroom. Recently, she had the opportunity to collaborate on two episodes for Ana La Serie as part of Rêves Agency.

Annia is constantly learning and growing, and although she dedicates most of her time to teaching Voguing techniques, she does not stop learning and training with national and international teachers in various disciplines.