Adrián Andrés

Type(s) of dance: HipHop, Afro, Vogue, Jazz Funk, Contemporary
Other talents: Radio and TV host, Influencer, Acting, Tae Kwon Do black belt, Swimming, Parkour, DJ
Height: 1.73
Eye color: BROWN
Hair color: LIGHT BROWN


Adrian Andres’s effusive and energetic personality make him an artist with whom many have sought to collaborate with. Winner on Netflix’s reality show “The Law Of The Jungle” on 2023. Co-host in Spotify’s most streamed queer podcast in 2020 “Ningún Chile Te Embona”. And the face of different brands such as Apple, Suburbia, AT&T, HSBC and more. Exploring his creative side he has studied different disciplines such as Contemporary dance in Yucatán’s Dance Conservatory; Music producton in Sound Space Academy; the vogue scnene in Mexico City, Tae Kwon Do with the Father of Mexican Taekwondo, Dai-won Moon; and more disciplines that make Adrian Andres a multifaceted and well articulated artist.