Alfredo Tame

Type(s) of dance: Ballet, neoclassical, hip hop, contemporary, popping, robot
Height: 1.76
Eye color: green
Hair color: light brown

Alfredo is a professional and multidisciplinary dancer, choreographer and model who specialized in Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and all its fusions. In his career as a dancer, he belonged to the Jazz Sisti Dance company for 4 years, to the Jalisco Ballet for 2 years, and has currently spent 4 years in the UNAM Choreographic Workshop company as well as in the Mexico City Ballet company.

He has worked with several renowned choreographers such as Annabelle Lopez Ochoa who has choreographed for the English ballet in London; Maurice Causey who is a Soloist Dancer for William Forsythe; Dor Mamalia and Darius Nowak directors of the Human Fields company in Berlin.

He has played the main role in the Nutcracker Ballet, as well as in several contemporary and neoclassical works of the TCUNAM, in the field of Jazz, Musical Comedy and Theater, and has played the Roles of Simba in the Lion King, Peter Pan, and Aladdin.