Amaranta Villareal

Type(s) of dance: Contemporary, urban styles, jazz
Other talents: Acting, Capoeira from Angola, singing.
Height: 1.70
Eye color: BROWN
Hair color: LIGHT BROWN

Amaranta Villarreal Flores is a dancer passionate about contemporary dance, urban styles, classical dance and any art of movement that enriches her practice (such as capoeira from Angola). She also fuels her dance work with her work as an actress and model. She is motivated by the constant search for connection and understanding of the body through movement. She has developed in the stage world as a performer in various contemporary dance companies: Cia. Sunny Savoy, Voces en Movimiento, Los 250 Mil and Colectivo Andante. This led her to be part of various plays, which were part of national and international festivals, thus giving her the opportunity to share her teachings at the University of Extremadura de Cáceres, Spain.

From a very young age she has been a choreographer and performer for music videos, collaborating with incredible artists such as: Victoria Kühne, Noah Pino Palo, A Certain Ratio, Fntxy, The Guadaloops, La Vida Bohème, Arthur White, among others.

She has been part of dance performances for the Marco Museum in Mty, N.L.: Gala Opening: Exhibition by artist Leonora Carrington, and “Instable Interactions” by the artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, thus showing her passion for interacting with the public. She has also been director of movements in plays such as: “Ravioles Negros” by Ricardo Traviezo, and music videos: “Último Round” by La Vida Bohème.

It is worth mentioning that her passion also extends to other artistic branches such as performance poetry and cinema, where she has worked as a leading actress in the upcoming film “La Medusa Inmortal”, from the production company “La Magia Films”.