Ariana Sacristán

Music genres: POPULAR
Other talents: ACTRESS, DANCER
Height: 1.67
Eye color: GREEN
Hair color: DARK BLONDE

Born in the United States, and raised in Mexico, the charismatic and vibrant Ariana is a professional actress whose additional talents include dancing, singing, and playing the soprano saxophone. She studied dramatic arts at Vassar College in New York, where she received an honorable mention (2018). During her time in New York, she worked as an actress in plays such as “Love and Magrath”, among others.
In Mexico City, she has acted in a large number of plays, the most recent being: “El Viento en un Violín” (2022). In cinema and TV, she has played in the short films “Piérdeme suavemente”, “8 de Septiembre” and “Okinawa”, as well as in the television series “Rosario Tijeras”.