Beto Cervantes

Instruments played: Electric bass, Guitar, Ukulele, Jarana. Intermediate piano and drums.
Music genres: Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Latin Rhythms.
Height: 1.79
Eye color: BROWN
Hair color: BROWN

Originally from Mexico City, Beto is a multi-instrumentalist musician, who began his studies with César Osorio. He studied at the University of Music, G Martell, where he graduated as a composer with a specialty in electric bass performance.
Beto, in addition to specializing in the electric bass, knows how to play guitar, drums, and other string instruments. He has played with several bands from different genres such as jazz, funk, rock, pop, and reggae. Some of the most outstanding bands he has played with are: Over The Coffee, Sergio Jiménez Trio, Bélica, Hootclut, Alter, Ciervo, as well as an original Funk – Rock – Blues project, which started with Josué Ybarra called Bettie.