Isabela Gutman

Type(s) of dance:
Other talents:
Height: 1.75
Eye color:
Hair color:

Isabela Gutman is a Brazilian dancer, who graduated in dance from UniverCidade, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
She is a dancer, teacher and choreographer, specialized in Latin rhythms, tap dance, ballroom dance and jazz bases. She has also worked as a model and actress.
She has participated as a dancer in various dance companies in Brazil and in other countries such as Mexico, the United States, Portugal and England. She has also participated in music videos with renowned artists, live performances, plays, television programs and series, commercials, and movies.
She does voluntary and altruistic dance and psychomotricity work with orphaned children and young people.
Due to her professionalism, commitment and dedication, she has managed to build a successful path in the dance and art industry.