Ivalani Cadena

Type(s) of dance: Urban, hip-hop, reggaeton, house, afro beat, jazz, ballet, aerial dance
Other talents: Acting, singing, basic acrobatics, hosting
Height: 1.58
Eye color: BROWN

Ivalani Cadena is a young dancer who has trained constantly since she was 6 years old. Her curiosity and passion have led her to experiment and develop in various artistic disciplines such as singing, acting, and hosting, as well as dance, which has allowed her to carry out important advertising projects with brands such as Frontier Communications, Amazon, Netflix, Sabritas, Coppel, Tang, Dany, Pritt, Movistar, Old Navy, and Cuidado con el Perro. She has extensive experience in music videos, having participated in 28 so far with various singers such as Diego Verdaguer, Santa Fe Clan, Snow that Product, and Joaquín Bondoni among others.
TV programs, plays, parades and concerts are also part of the various projects that she has carried out during the 7 years that she has been developing in the professional field; she is defined by her versatility, commitment, and discipline.