Jan Marlo

Type(s) of dance: Hip hop, House Dance, Popping, Whacking, Afro Styles, Locking, Breaking, Electro Dance, Street Jazz, Jazz Funk and contemporary
Other talents: Sports and music
Height: 1.63
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown

I started training as a dancer at the end of 2018 in urban styles, starting with Hip Hop Dance, Popping, Whacking and Breaking; as time went by I learned and trained other styles such as House Dance, Locking, Electro Dance, Afro-Styles, Litefeet ; and I also trained for some time in Contemporary.
I have worked with several artists or bands (Sabrina Marlo, Cxsinensis, Costa de Amber). I have competed in TDR, TeamWork, Enjoy the dance, HHI and Tempo, in categories such as Partner, Varsity, Reggaeton, Small Crew and Megacrew, with whom I have won multiple awards and recognitions. And I have worked with different brands (Kueski, Lexus by Toyota) and companies (E/Motion, Da Mixtape and GVS) and The Move Center (the studio where I started and am still training today).
This has all been hand in hand with my twin brother Paul Marlo, and together we are known as the Marlo Twins. This collaboration has opened many doors for us due to the attention we receive as twins as well as the physical and mental agility that we have together and separately.