Josa Márquez

Type(s) of dance: Hip hop, reggaetón, Vogue, Whacking, House
Height: 1.73
Eye color: DARK BROWN
Hair color: DARK BROWN

Josa Márquez is looking to make his mark in the world as a dancer, choreographer and human being. He wants to inspire millions with his art and his actions, what motivates him most in his career is sharing and learning from everyone who crosses his path.
He firmly believes that the most important thing in his life is to value the present and work for a future where those around him prosper by his side.
He is a dancer of different styles, looking for as many tools as possible to enrich his movement and body language, for example, Whacking, Vogue, Dancehall, House, Afro, Beat Ya Feet, Poping and Hip Hop.