Instruments played: SINGER
Music genres: CHANT
Height: 1.63
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: it varies

The charismatic and talented Lenchanter, at a young age, have become quite a celebrity within the Mexican Ballroom culture. They have exercised their skills for “chant” and rap on Mexico’s most famous Vogue stages, improvising or writing clever rhymes to accompany the routines of the most prestigious voguers in the country.
They have collaborated with artists such as Fabi Loredo, with whom they appear in a video made in Babel. They have also been invited to participate in massive events such as the “Marcha Lencha”. Always proud of belonging to the LGTB+ community, Lenchanter has positioned themselves as an excellent representative of the ever-growing Mexican Ballroom scene.
They also teach “chant” to the Argentine and Chilean communities.