Mariano Bucio

I consider myself to be a multifaceted artist. I studied Concert Interpreter at the Mexican Dance Academy, which encouraged me to develop my skills as a dancer, actor, choreographer, stage director and developer of stage projects throughout my career.
As a choreographer, I like to flow in different styles such as: Musical Theater, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, ballroom dances (cumbia, salsa, danzón, Rock & Roll) Jazz and Mexican Folk.
I like to get the best out of the artists I work with, as I try to always be professional and proactive, whilst seeking a powerful result.
I have been involved with Rêves since I worked on James Bond – Spectre 007 as a talent. I then collaborated on their choreography team at the closing ceremony of the c40 awards in 2016, and the Day of the Dead parade in 2018. The latter has been one of the most challenging and outstanding events of my career.
As a choreographer I have ventured into cinema, in films like Desperados and Miss granny and in series such as Ana and Narcos México, as well as advertising campaigns for brands such as Herdez and the backstage of Palacio de Hierro.
I currently work as a Dancer in the Mimesis Musical Theater play. I participate as a choreographer in a contemporary play collaborating with Cleo Parker Dance company and México en Movimiento.
Digital and electronic media are my subject these days, doing digital performance and video dances.