Mario Vargas

Type(s) of dance: Jazz funk, contemporary, modern fusion, reggaeton, hip hop and heels
Other talents: Acting, singing
Height: 1.75
Eye color: DARK BROWN
Hair color: BLACK / SHAVED

I am a teacher, choreographer, and professional dancer and have worked in commercials, TV shows, movies, concerts, theater, and live events.
I have been dancing for more than 20 years.
The dance genres and techniques I specialize in are jazz funk, reggaeton, hip hop, heels, kpop, zumba, jazz, jazz lyric, Modern fusion.
I studied acting (Casa azul Argos and MM studio by Patricia Reyes Spíndola) and I teach hip hop, kpop and show performance classes.
I belong to the Duality training company directed by teachers, choreographers and dancers Joy Bernal and Terry Edward.