Mayumi Toyoda

Instruments played: SINGER
Music genres: ROCK, POP, PUNK, SKA
Height: 1.60
Eye color: BROWN
Hair color: DARK BROWN

The charismatic and sensual Mexican-Japanese singer, Mayumi, better known as “The Ska Princess”, is the lead singer of renowned projects such as “Tijuana No” and “Los de Abajo”, among others.
This has allowed her to step onto the stages of the most important festivals and venues in Mexico, Europe, and the US, resulting in over 20 years of experience as a professional singer.
At the dawn of the 2000s, she started her musical project called “Pink Punk”, a band that was signed by Sony Music and produced by the legendary guitarist Alejandro Marcovich. She was also a singer in the group “Jagerettes” of Casa Cuervo for the positioning of the Jägermeister brand.
She currently sings with the band “Las Unicornio”, while collaborating with the “24 Cuadros” Orchestra.
Her passion for fashion, as well as dance and design in general, coupled with her bi-cultural essence, make Mayumi an integral and extremely attractive artist visually speaking.