Paul Marlo

Type(s) of dance: Hip hop, House Dance, Popping, Whacking, Afro Styles, Locking, Breaking, Electro Dance, Street Jazz, Jazz Funk and contemporary
Other talents: Sports and music
Height: 1.63
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown

I am a street dancer trained in many styles; mainly Hip hop, House Dance, Whacking, Popping, Street Jazz / Jazz Funk and I have also had training in Afro-styles, electro dance, Breaking, Locking and Litefeet.

I am best known as being part of the Marlo Twins with my twin brother Jan Marlo; we have won first place in TDR and TeamWork, and we have been invited to various showcases such as Enjoy The Dance and Colores de Casa. I have won competitions with companies like Da Mixtape, The Move Teen Alto Rendimiento, and I have worked with brands like Lexus, Kueski and artists like Cxsinensis from the Emotion company, and others like Costa De Ámbar and Sabrina Marlo as a solo artist.

I am a very committed, dedicated, disciplined person and a quick learner thanks to my physical and mental agility.