Paz Court

Instruments played: Voice, piano, Venezuelan cuatro, ukulele.
Music genres: Boleros, Latin American folklore, jazz, alternative, Brazilian music, music in French, pop and vintage 40s
Height: 1.67
Hair color: RED CHESTNUT

Paz is a Chilean singer-songwriter and stage artist interested in jazz since she was 14 years old. She has ventured into styles such as pop, electronica, hip-hop, bolero, and folklore. She became well known in her first years as a professional singer, with projects such as Jazzimodo, Tunacola, and the theater show Los Viudos de Marilyn. In 2014 she released her first solo album.
Winner of the “XIII Luis Advis Music Composition Contest” (Chile), she was voted one of the “100 Young Leaders 2020” by the newspaper El Mercurio (Chile) and nominated as “Best Singer-Songwriter” at the Pulsar 2021 Awards (Chile); Paz Court is a member of the songwriting collective
Núcleo Distante, and recently directed and did vocal arrangements for the women’s choir El Palomar, recognized for its participation in “Canción Sin Miedo” with Vivir Quintana.
She currently has 3 solo albums and resides in Mexico City.