Priscila Cavazos

Instruments played: GUITAR AND BASS
Music genres: ROCK, POP, BLUES, METAL
Other talents: DJ
Height: 1.59
Eye color: BROWN
Hair color: LIGHT BROWN

Born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, at a very young age Priscila showed an interest in music. At 12, she began following YouTube tutorials to learn guitar by herself. Three years later, she began her formal training with private lessons and has become a professional musician ever since. While her first love is Rock (especially hard Rock), she also likes all kinds of musical genres: from electronic to pop, all the way to urban genres. This openness makes her a very complete artist. Recently she also began playing the bass, an instrument that led her to be part of singer-songwriter Ivana’s band during her live shows, and she has toured with her on numerous stages within the emerging music circuit of Monterrey, as well as renowned festivals such as Vaivén.