Solar X

Instruments played: DJ, GUITAR, PIANO
Music genres: ELECTRO
Height: 1.74
Eye color: BROWN
Hair color: BROWN

Solar is an independent electronic music DJ and producer from Monterrey, Mexico. Her sound includes dark disco, indie dance, house, italo body music, acid techno, deep tech, and space disco. She combines rhythms and melodies to create sci-fi and retro ambiance thus leading the audience to a unique experience of liberation. Solar is part of the lgbtq+ community and loves to bring the right grooves to open-minded places. Solar founded her own record label in March 2022 called “penumbra” and her first single “Oxygen” was launched the same year. She has played together with ▪ Audiofly ▪ Moderna ▪ Silicodisco ▪ Rebolledo ▪ Theus Mago ▪ Adana Twins ▪ Cabizbajo ▪ Sita Abellan ▪ Nicola Cruz ▪ Claptone ▪ Shiba San ▪ Sebastian Leger ▪Camea ▪ Oostil ▪ Colossio ▪ Leo Leonski ▪ Youngdrums ▪ Gil Montiel ▪ Nhan Solo ▪Dc Salas ▪ Nomi Ruiz ▪ Flor Capistran ▪ Yulia Niko ▪ Neo Human ▪ Alejandro Veneno ▪Vongold ▪ The Menzia ▪ Yosoymatt ▪ Josefonoltelefono ▪ Dodi Palase ▪ Kawas ▪ Kalexis ▪ Ppd ▪ Alexia Malo ▪ Mirámirá ▪ Papa Jazz ▪Dj Bauhaus ▪Balcazar ▪Mely Cantu ▪ Daniel Cantisani ▪ Labibe